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According to one preliminary clinical trial on 62 people, those given Selank reported fewer anxiety symptoms, with a greater decrease being observed in those suffering from pre-existing anxiety disorders [13].

In another trial, similar benefits were reported in 60 patients suffering from anxiety and phobias, with these effects lasting up to a week after the final dose [14]. Additionally, in one study of 70 anxiety patients, Selank was reported to increase the effects of phenazepam (an anti-anxiety drug banned in some U.S. states for its recreational use), while also reportedly reducing its rates of negative side-effects (such as drowsiness and memory loss) [15, 16]. In one animal study, Selank was reported to reduce anxiety. The more anxious they were to begin with, the more significant the observed changes in their behavior after treatment [17, 18]. Additionally, Selank was reported to show “anti-anxiety” effects in one study of participants who received 4 weeks of daily treatment [19]. Although limited, some of the above evidence suggests that Selank may potentially help curb anxiety, although much more research will still be needed to confirm its effectiveness and safety in human users. If you suffer from anxiety, you could have a discussion with your doctor about whether taking Selank might help you — however, always remember that you should never take this supplement in place of what your doctor recommends or prescribes.


Selank was reported to stabilize memory traces (i.e. potentially improve memory storage) in participants during one 30-day trial. However, it is unclear how these measurements were performed, as memory traces are not detectable as discrete locations in the brain [23, 24].One other animal study has reported that Selank may also preserve memory in participants [25].However, appropriate human studies are lacking, and remains unknown what effects — if any — Selank might have in healthy human users. It is also unclear whether or not this compound would be safe for such users to take (either in the short- or long-term), and so caution would be advised until much more additional research is performed.

Brain Damage Recovery

In one study, researchers gave Selank supplements with toxin-induced brain damage. This drug reportedly restored their brain activity to normal levels [26].


Selank has been reported to decrease depression symptoms (immobility during a forced swimming test). Curiously, it was reported to be more effective at relatively lower rather than higher doses [27].

Antioxidant Activity in the Liver

In one preliminary animal study, Selank was reported to increase the levels of antioxidants in the liver. [28].

Blood Flow

In one animal study of sedated participants, Selank was reported to decrease blood pressure by about 30% for up to 3 minutes [29].It also increased blood flow to the cats’ brain by about 24% for up to 10 minutes [30].While these preliminary findings are interesting in that they suggest that Selank may have some short-term cardiovascular effects on blood flow, the relatively short durations of these effects is hard to interpret, and may suggest that these effects are not strong or medically significant. Additionally, these were only observed in animals, and so whether these effects would be similar in healthy human users remains unclear.

Alcohol Withdrawal

Anxiety is one of the more common symptoms involved in alcohol withdrawal. To mimic high alcohol intake, participants were given a 10% solution of ethanol (alcohol) as their sole drinking source for 24 weeks. Selank reportedly decreased the anxiety of these participants after a 48-hour alcohol withdrawal period [31].

Preventing Weight Gain and Reducing Cholesterol

According to one animal study, participants who were fed a high-fat diet reportedly showed 35% less weight gain when treated with Selank. Additionally, total cholesterol levels for these participants were reportedly reduced by over 58%, and blood glucose levels were reduced by 23.5% [32].

5mg per 10ml, 100 sprays per 10ml, 50mcg per spray, 10mL typically lasts 30 days.


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10mL (30 Day)

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W Wade
great product

This shit is a miracle. 10 out of 10....

Richard T.
Works great!

No brain fog, more energy and confidence.

Penny Derenzo
Seems to help me with focus

I feel as though using this product has helped refine my focus on daily tasks….I did a lot less procrastinating and was able to stick with each task to completion vs. bouncing from one to the other and this also lead to less anxiety. Used for 2 wks 3 days, now waiting 1 week before restarting the cycle. This gets a 4 vs. 5 because it comes with no directions / suggestions for dosage etc. I researched the dosage and use cycle and can only hope I’m doing it right. I will be ordering again.

Suzanne Nixon
A significant product

An amazing product to uplift your mood, energy and boost your immune system.


Great for depression and anxiety