Sealajit (30 Day)


200 mg of Shilajit powder and 200mg Of Seamoss powder.




Combining Shilajit and Sea Moss as supplements can be beneficial for several reasons: No more messy resins, or gels. 

  1. Nutrient-Rich Combination: Shilajit is known for its high mineral content, particularly fulvic acid, which enhances nutrient absorption. Sea Moss is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, including iodine, calcium, potassium, and Vitamin C. When combined, these two supplements offer a broad spectrum of essential nutrients.
  2. Enhanced Energy and Vitality: Shilajit is traditionally used to enhance energy and overall vitality. Sea Moss, with its high iron content, can help in improving energy levels as well. This makes the combination ideal for people looking for a natural boost in their energy levels.
  3. Improved Digestive Health: Sea Moss is a natural source of fiber and has prebiotic effects, which can promote a healthy gut microbiome. Shilajit, with its fulvic acid content, can enhance the absorption of nutrients and improve overall digestive health.
  4. Supports Thyroid Function: The high iodine content in Sea Moss is crucial for thyroid health. Shilajit, with its trace minerals, may support the hormonal balance, including thyroid hormones. This makes their combination beneficial for supporting thyroid function.
  5. Antioxidant Properties: Both Shilajit and Sea Moss have antioxidant properties. Shilajit contains fulvic acid which helps in reducing oxidative stress, and Sea Moss is rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C. This combination can thus help in fighting free radicals and supporting overall health.
  6. Immune System Support: The combination can bolster the immune system. Sea Moss’s rich vitamin and mineral profile, coupled with Shilajit’s potential to enhance the absorption of these nutrients, can provide a strong boost to the immune system.
  7. Enhanced Skin Health: Sea Moss is known for its benefits for skin health due to its vitamin and mineral content. Shilajit, with its fulvic acid, can help in the regeneration of skin cells. The combination can be particularly beneficial for enhancing skin health and vitality.

Ingredients: Shilajit, Sea Moss, BA, Sterile Saline.

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Never showed up

Ordered and was charged for it. Part of my order showed up and there was a note that the sealajit would come in a separate package but never showed up or did I get another tracking number for it.