Intranasal Delivery of BPC-157 and TB-500 for Muscle Recovery and Injury Healing – GorillaHealing

Intranasal Delivery of BPC-157 and TB-500 for Muscle Recovery and Injury Healing

As the North American leader in BPC-157 and other peptide based performance enhancing and injury healing solutions Gorilla Healing is often asked how do we maintain the same and often better efficacy with intranasal delivery of peptides versus intramuscular injection which is commonly used by Athletes and Bodybuilders.

Fortunately we didn’t pull this methodology out of a magic hat and decided to sell a bogus product to the world (we’re veteran owned and morally fortified). It’s common for the benefits of Wolverine nasal spray to evoke emotional responses like “snake oil”, “fake reviews”, etc  in some of our facebook ad comments which are often a combination of competitors and a frustrated pain relief market that has been seeking whatever means of pain relief possible only to be chronically disappointed and let down time after time. Gorilla Healing along with research published on identified early that intranasal delivery does in fact provide non-invasive means to bypass the brain blood barrier rendering it effective. Notably peptides have a natural ability to travel throughout the body and attach to injured cells as they journey through the bloodstream. 

As daily users and early adopters of BPC-157 and various other peptide products we identified the need to avoid the common dangers associated with needle use which include but are not limited to bacteria, blood borne illness, trypanophobia, environmental contamination and other unpredictable factors. Intranasal delivery proved to be this solution with the added benefits of convenience, peptide preservation, rapid absorption via the nasal mucosa, and sufficient bioavailability to produce the Wolverine Healing results experienced by thousands of happy customers. 

Additionally we often receive x-rays, mri’s and other advanced imagery from clients stating we’ve healed various ailments from torn ACL’s to carpal tunnel. Just take a look at this evidence recently sent by a loyal customer Trinkette Parker. 


 Trinkette Parker Shares Her Astounding Results

Like many others Trinkette found the Wolverine Nasal Spray product via a facebook advertisement to our product page. As the Xray shows Trinkette was in seriours need of carpal tunnel surgery. Not only was she able to avoid surgery with Wolverine Nasal Spray ULTRA 3x a day for 90 days of use but restore her wrist back to it’s original function (not something surgery guarantees). Over 30,000 customers have taken our once small sterile home lab operation into a dozen employee sustainable business where we hold each other to the highest standards of product handling, delivery and support. 

It really only takes just one bad review to stain our reputation so we relentlessly strive to keep each and every customer satisfied (no matter how difficult or pleasant you are haha) with our 30 day money back guaranteed healing results. 

Wolverine Spray


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If you are looking for the oral versions of wolverine, please go Here

Wolverine is 50mcg per spray of BODY PROTECTION COMPOUND Ultra is 100mcg per spray of BODY PROTECTION COMPOUND per spray.

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10mL (30 Day), 20mL (60 Day), 30mL (90 Day), 10mL ULTRA (30 Day), 20mL ULTRA (60 Day), 30mL ULTRA (90 Day)

Customer Reviews

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Alexandre Domingues
Tb 500

Amazing 🤩

Surf Injury Recovery

Wolverine spray did wonders for a foot & shoulder injury suffered from one surfing incident. Spent a full 1 month+ taking it easy since the injury was so bad & didn’t feel like it was getting better one bit. Was recommended Wolverine Spray & thought I’d give it a shot. Started taking it at about day 45 & about 3 weeks I went from about 20% recovery day 45 to 60%+ day 70. Mind was blown. I did the 90 day regular spray. I just ran out of it. Foot is about 100% & shoulder now like 90%+. Probably just need more PT for the shoulder. But I’m a believer.

David Haberman

Really helps my shoulder


Fast delivery, product works. What more do you want?

Tilina Hill
Never Received!

I ordered Wolverine on March 6, 2024
My order went though and the money was checked from my bank $145. After 2 weeks I checked the site for tracking info it said my order was on hold. This went on for two more weeks. I checked again the first week of April it said shipped. I still have not received anything. I love the product. Recommend it to everyone I know. This is my first bad experience. I’ve emailed several times with NO response. I’d love some resolution. I really just want my 3 bottles of Wolverine. Can someone help?

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