May 14th, 2021

drug free arthritis relief unlocks the hidden healing POWER of peptides BPC 157 and TB 500


Does stiffness from arthritis inhibit your ability to do even the simplest of tasks? Is arthritic pin and needle-like pain ruining your life? Are you tired of arthritis holding you back from your full potential? Read more to discover incredible “Wolverine like” healing abilities below.

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Wolverine Nasal Spray™ For Arthritis

Does the stiffness from arthritis inhibit your ability to do even the simplest of tasks?
Is arthritic pin and needle-like pain ruining your life?
Are you tired of arthritis holding you back from your full potential?

If you answered yes to any of these three questions then you are one of the 54 million Americans who suffer daily from Arthritis. Trying to live a normal life through the lens of arthritic brain fog creates a systemic domino effect leading to additional symptoms of depression, anxiety, gut problems, mood swings and disruptive sleep schedules.

Gut Bacteria Problems

Disabling Joint Pain

Pin and Needle-like Pain

Modern pharmaceuticals have relied on symptom filled drugs that invade the body with foreign chemicals which interrupt key balances in your body. Additionally the global non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug business is responsible for 121.9 hospitalizations per 100,000 persons/year according to a nationwide study of gastrointestinal events related to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory use. The mortality rate amongst these hospitalizations was a whopping 5.62% or 15.3 deaths/100,000 NSAID/aspirin users.

There is a better path to relief and the secret is already naturally occurring in most all human and mammalian species on our planet. The solution resides within the amazing healing properties of naturally occurring peptides BPC 157 and TB 500 that are formulated and preserved in Gorilla Healing™ Wolverine Nasal Spray™.

Wolverine nasal spray is bringing new hope to Arthritis relief and healing. Keep reading to find out how this souped-up blend of peptides may help rev up your arthritis recovery and jumpstart a more normal and productive life.

What is Wolverine Nasal Spray?

 Wolverine nasal spray is a supercharged supplement that puts the pep into peptide. This unique healing process contained within Wolverine nasal spray consists of a peptide chain made up of 15 amino acids. BPC is short for “body protection compound” because it’s derived from a protein found in the stomach where its role is protecting and healing your gut. BPC-157 is the ultra-concentrated version of that protein and it harnesses its vast protective power. Once it gets into your system, studies have shown to intensely speed up the healing of many different types of tissues—from muscles, tendons and ligaments to gut and even brain tissue. And no worries because there are few reported side effects and no need for a prescription.

The Power of Wolverine Nasal Spray

Along with being found to heighten the healing of several types of tissues, BPC-157 also appears to support the longevity of cells at the sites of wounds. In fact, research showed that damaged cells responded to the potent peptide by regenerating and healing themselves at a faster rate than usual. As a result, BPC-157 offers a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Alleviates aches, pain and arthritis.
  • Promotes tissue healing and lean tissue repair.
  • Often prescribed to help protect active individuals from injuries and accelerate the overall healing process.
  • Increases collagen production.
  • Decreases inflammation.
  • Heals muscle tears and ligament damage.
  • Regenerates muscle and ligament tissue at a faster than average rate.
  • May decrease pain in damaged areas of the body.
  • Helps protect digestive function and counter the damaging effects of NSAID’s like Ibuprofen and Advil.
  • Increases growth hormone receptors.
  • Contains significant antioxidant qualities.

Tired of the debilitating pain and side effects of traditional arthritis treatments? Then just change the game completely. Wolverine Nasal Spray is placed in your nose and requires just 3 sprays per day. While some users have claimed to get results in the very first week, it typically takes four to six weeks to feel as though you’ve healed. Before beginning with any supplement, it’s vital to have the guidance of your healthcare physician.

Having faithfully served over 30,000 satisfied customers, Gorilla healing leads the drug free peptide based healing market and is trusted by doctors, celebrities, athletes, bodybuilders, and professional health care workers across America. Our sterile and clean lab facilities are held to the highest production quality and order fulfilment standards. Healing chronic pain and injury is a big responsibility that we take seriously in order to maintain our loyal customer base and raving reviews.

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At Gorilla Healing we acknowledge everyone is unique. If you do not experience healing results then we provide a no questions asked 30 day money back guarantee. That’s the Gorilla Healing guarantee and we stand by our product claims.

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